24/7 Anytime For RENT

Hold your favorite events with our thematic setting! Be it birthday party, private party or networking event!

A cozy place where you and your friends can relax or continue your debate after a game. Maybe even grab a few strangers and play a few rounds of Avalon together. This is where the magic begins.

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Modelled after a classroom from the 90s, this room harkens back to the carefree days in highschool when we enjoyed our rose-tinted youths. One of our staffs may have been inspired by highschool romance K-dramas while decorating it, just a little.

Retro China

Inspired by the turbulent years of pre-WW2 China, this room re-creates the ballroom-bar theater that was poular amongst the rich and wealthy back in the day. Apparently, it was also a common place for spies to gather intel, network with politicians, or even murder a target...


Named after the Japanese phrase 座って, which means to sit upright, this room is furnished in traditional japanese style, complete with tatami mats. Come here if you want to experience a Japanese inn without booking a flight to Kyoto.


While not the most creatively named or artistically inspired, this is the room for serious, hardcore players here for the most challenging puzzles. Designed with minimalist aesthetics to minimize distractions and equipped with a large whiteboard for your logical deduction needs. Come here if you mean business.


Living ROOM